RLCON 2013 - 1st Annual Advanced Reverse Logistics Strategies Workshop & Conference

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RLCON 2013: ADVANCED REVERSE LOGISTICS STRATEGIES WORKSHOP & CONFERENCE, organized by QuaDimension Events with key focus on EMEA region, which provided innovative strategies and solutions for pertinent RL issues was held on the 10th - 12th of April 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Workshop on 10th April 2013 was conducted by Mr.Curtis Greve, renowned RL expert, author and Managing Partner at Greve-Davis, will focus on finding hidden profits by maximizing product value returns.

The Conference provided valuable insights on implementation of cost effective reverse logistic process for optimal ROI. The focus will also be on identifying and sharing best practices on measurement systems to drive and achieve operational excellence through continuous improvement in Reverse Logistics. Effective returns and parts management strategies to identify current gaps and reducing costs was another area under the spotlight during RLCON 2013. Further, the relevant factors to consider while choosing the right 3PL partners and the gains of developing joint RL initiatives was also explored at the conference.

From an evolving new concepts perspective, RLCON 2013 delved into upcoming trends and benchmarking in closed loop chains, going green, waste disposal strategies and related legal complexities.

The caliber and knowledge of the attendees was the best I have seen at a Reverse Logistics Conference of any kind.

- Curtis Greve, Managing Partner Greve-Davis/RLSC

Event Details

  • Event RLCON2013
  • Date10th -12th April 2013
  • Location Prague, Czech Republic